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Start Here: Master the Lifelong Habit of Wellbeing

February 17, 2019 by Diane

The authors, building on their interest and study in the philosophical and spiritual traditions of East and West, and borrowing teachings from the ancients to present day, developed a program for emotional fitness and general wellbeing called LIFE XT. They tried it on themselves. They tried it on others. And now there’s a vast community of people who have read this book*, or taken the course, and who follow the program to ease a host of problems, from anxiety and depression to feelings of disconnection, lack of focus, and general blah.

It’s the subtitle that caught my eye. I like the idea of mastering the habit of wellbeing. And the authors include an interesting technique on how to build a habit and make it stick. Hint: it involves setting up a cue.

So, what’s the program? In a nutshell: First, you “train” your body and mind with meditation, movement, and what the authors call “inquiry,” or examining stressful thoughts. Second, you practice “being” in the moment through presence, gratitude, and compassion. Last, you practice “doing” through engagement, relationships, and contributing to the world, or at least to the people you meet in the grocery store. Over nine weeks, by adding one practice a week, you will, according to the authors, notice an improvement in your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

Being the self-improvement junky that I am, I’m game. If nothing else, the book does a nice job of bringing together a wealth of wisdom that can be applied to everyday life.

*I read the actual book. You know, one of those things that come with pages and don’t require headphones, a battery, or an electronic device. Just saying.


  1. mydangblog says:

    I’m interested to find out if it works for you—keep us posted!

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