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I want to give a shout out to…

Heather Devivo for acting as midwife for this blog, and Adrian Devivo for his expert assistance.

My mother for her wonderful laugh and for providing me with some great stories. Here’s another one for the book!

My father for patiently listening to the endless rewrites of the first chapter of my novel and asking, how’s that blog coming? It’s here Pops!

Robin Holcomb for her encouragement and writerly advice.

Sue Wilhite and Andrea Donderi for their editorial comments and creative input. Thanks for homing in on the title, Andrea!

Carolyn Boone for those afternoon photo-shoots.

Heather Walker for not only laughing at my “fer cryin’ out loud” moments, but goading me into writing them down. Without you, there would be no Squirrels in the Doohickey.

And Dave Castiglioni for his steady belief and constant support.


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