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It’s Time to Get Creative with Email Sign-offs

March 13, 2016 by Diane

Yours sincerely. Yeah, right.

Yours sincerely. Yeah, right.

We do it every day. More than once. Sometimes a dozen times an hour. You know what I’m talking about.

Signing off on emails.

Those trite words we type at the end of our message before our name, like…

Yours sincerely,

Remember that one? From letter-writing days. Evidently we needed to point out that our words were sincere and not a bunch of malarky.

Here’s another oldie…

Very truly yours,

Yeah, like we ever meant that.

Were we really that sincere? Or that true?

How’s this for a sign-off…

You’re awesome,

Just that. A recognition that you, with your special talents, your enlightening thoughts, your loving good nature, your insane sense of humor, your gentle smile, your loping walk, your awkward gestures…you, the person reading this email, are awesome!

Wouldn’t that be a nice way to sign-off?

Instead of…


Best what? Best cut of meat? Best in show?

Best. That’s not even a complete thought. Used to be,

All the best,


Best wishes,

But that was too much effort to type. It’s like the sender gave up figuring out what’s best, so left it up to the receiver.

And then there’s the writer who skips the sign-off altogether. I’m guilty of that. Sometimes I don’t even include my name. It’s clear who sent the thing; why point it out?

I say it’s time to get creative in how we wrap up our ramblings.  So I came up with a list of 30 email sign-offs that’ll rock the recipient’s world! Okay, maybe not rock it. But might, at the very least, raise a smile. Feel free to use any or all.

Instead of “best,” try:

May your success be plentiful,

May you be all that you endeavor to be,

May you remember your greatest moments,

May your sorrow be eased,

May your joy be apparent to all,

May you wake up on the right side of the bed,

May you find what you’re searching for,

May you laugh ’til you tinkle,

Instead of “yours,” try:

Honored to be your acquaintance,

The keeper of your secrets,

Your true love even when you snore,

Your conscience when you stray,

Looking out for you,

One of many whom you know,

I’m the boss,

Instead of “sincerely,” try: 

Grateful for your attention,

Always here,

So proud of you,

Still figuring it out,


Fed up,


Snorting with laughter,

Instead of skipping a send-off, try:

That’s all for now,

At the end of my thoughts,

Too pooped to pop,

Signing off,

Gotta go rake the leaves,

Done avoiding what I’m avoiding by writing this email,

Enough already!

There you have it. Thirty sign-offs. Want to add to the list? Oh, do! In the comments.


  1. Joan says:

    Very nice and convincing…I rarely sign off! I’ll have to keep these on file!! Until next time…..

    • Diane says:

      You do have a sign-off. “Sent from my iPhone” Which opens a whole new category of sign-offs.

      Sent from the back seat of the bus,

      Sent from the third stall in the ladies’ room,

      Sent from under the table during a boring meeting,

      Sent from the chair next to you,

      Sent from the highway while driving 80 mph

  2. barbara says:

    I like the new way of signing off! Love the ones from the iPhone! haha 🙂

  3. Kate says:

    The bane of any email or letter – the sign-off! Maybe that’s why texting and direct messaging on social media is becoming more popular? We are taught “yours truly” and “yours sincerely” as forms of respect and I feel they still apply in the professional/business world. I did like ‘Grateful for your attention’ and could see there would be times it might fit in the professional arena. Where I run into issues is on the personal side, or semi-personal/professional. I’ve used a few of the ones you mentioned… and I thank you – I have a whole new list to choose from! One I use varies, but generally follows the theme of “Gotta run, talk (or chat) later.”

    • Diane says:

      I’ll take an insincere “yours sincerely” in a good old-fashioned handwritten letter anytime over a text message. Oh, the days when we received something besides bills in our mailbox!

      Gotta run, chat later…I like that!

  4. Ha! I think I should start using “Enough already!” 🙂

  5. drniemczura says:

    Very creative sing-offs.

    From my end of the pond,

    Mary Ann

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