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  1. If I Have to Go On Tour (Gulp!)

    February 7, 2014 by Diane

    writing a novel

    I decide it might be a good idea to run the whole “what happens if I have to go on tour” thing by my Wise Self. Get her take on the situation. So I dial in.

    You know that book I’m writing?

    The novel.

    When it comes out…if it comes out…I’ll have to go on tour.

    Is it published now?


    Is it finished yet?


    So you’re still writing it, she says.


    Do you have fun writing?

    Fun? I repeat.

    Do you enjoy the writing process?

    Mostly. When it’s going well. When it’s not, I want to burn the pages and give up writing forever.

    That’s a long time.

    Well, maybe not forever. Maybe just as long as it takes to walk around the neighborhood and clear my head.

    So you enjoy writing.

    I’m driven, I say.

    Then write because you are driven to do so.

    But when it comes out…if it comes out…I’ll have to get on a plane.

    Are you on a plane now?

    Nope. Well…part of me is. My Inner Protector. He’s off in a possible future scoping things out.

    Good. Let him fly to Hawaii. Maybe he’ll relax.

    You don’t like him much, do you.

    It’s the job of the Inner Protector to worry. It’s the job of your creative self to create.

    I feel a lecture coming on.

    Finish the novel.

    Short, I say, but to the point.

  2. Something to Feel Good About

    December 30, 2013 by Diane

    praying hands

    In the good times, I forget.

    I forget to appreciate the magenta sunset, the unexpected smile from a stranger, the sweet grassy smell as a father mows his lawn, the crack of a baseball bat lobbing a ball into left field, the taste of a warm tomato fresh from the vine, a light rain at night.

    I take the moments for granted until something horrible happens.

    And something always does.

    Then I grumble and curse and stumble around and flail in the dark and bow down to something grander than my pitiful self and beg and plead and demand for whatever is broken to be fixed. And if I don’t get what I want, I tear off my spiritual cloak. I trample on it and leave it in the gutter and stand in my nakedness and finally come to appreciate that once there was a cloak to warm me, once there was a cloak to enfold me. It was always there, in every moment, in every detail. Something to feel good about.

    It’s time to cut new cloth,

    and bend down,

    and start sewing.

  3. All Aboard for Greatness

    November 22, 2013 by Diane

    green retro cartoon locomotive

    Feeling a size smaller than when you stood up this morning?

    Well, you’ve come to the right place.

    Here, you’re as tall as you want to be.

    Here, you’re the next best app.

    Here, you’re wealthy with friends and creative ideas and energy and oh yeah…money. But money isn’t the focus. It’s what you do with your chops that inspires folks to open their billfolds, their purses, their money clips, their back pockets, their bank accounts, their cookie jars.

    So lay it out for all to see. Display the goods. There’s no failure here. There’s no right or wrong. This is the no-judgment zone.

    Those squirrelly thoughts that pooh-pooh your magnificence…don’t listen to them. They’re all lies.

    Hope dwells here.

    You’ll find faith and motivation here, and the juice to motor you through the day and night and the next twenty years. Because here, my friend, is where you be. You are here. You’ve got all the tools, all the answers, all the necessary hope packed inside you. No need to look elsewhere. It’s all aboard.

    All aboard!

    No  limits, here.

    Something grand is coming.