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If I Have to Go On Tour (Gulp!)

February 7, 2014 by Diane

writing a novel

I decide it might be a good idea to run the whole “what happens if I have to go on tour” thing by my Wise Self. Get her take on the situation. So I dial in.

You know that book I’m writing?

The novel.

When it comes out…if it comes out…I’ll have to go on tour.

Is it published now?


Is it finished yet?


So you’re still writing it, she says.


Do you have fun writing?

Fun? I repeat.

Do you enjoy the writing process?

Mostly. When it’s going well. When it’s not, I want to burn the pages and give up writing forever.

That’s a long time.

Well, maybe not forever. Maybe just as long as it takes to walk around the neighborhood and clear my head.

So you enjoy writing.

I’m driven, I say.

Then write because you are driven to do so.

But when it comes out…if it comes out…I’ll have to get on a plane.

Are you on a plane now?

Nope. Well…part of me is. My Inner Protector. He’s off in a possible future scoping things out.

Good. Let him fly to Hawaii. Maybe he’ll relax.

You don’t like him much, do you.

It’s the job of the Inner Protector to worry. It’s the job of your creative self to create.

I feel a lecture coming on.

Finish the novel.

Short, I say, but to the point.

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  1. Joan merdinger says:

    Perfect advice!!!

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