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Ten Tips to Make Life A Breeze–the Final Five

February 22, 2015 by Diane

Man Lounging In Hammock

Did you miss me?

I bought a new MacBook Air. I relinquished my old computer to the genius at the Apple store so he could migrate my files from one laptop to the other. Did it go smoothly?



Which was kinda great.

I had three days to laze around the park on my picnic blanket reading novels. Sorry East Coasters and MidWesters, but we’re having a warm spell in the Golden State of Being. When those of us here are duking it out over that last drop of water, YOU can all blog about how absolutely verdant is your valley.

But I digress.

I promised you five more tips to make life a breeze. And I trust you’ve been eagerly awaiting them, so without further ado, here they be…

Tip number 6: Faster is not necessarily better

Now that I have a Mac, I have instantaneous connection. Meaning…whenever a thought flits through my mind that is the least bit fascinating, (which is most of the time), I flip open my Mac, load up a blank document, and start typing. This is becoming a problem. I’m spending more time on the computer, not less. That slow-loading PC which drove me mad, in hindsight, may have been a blessing. That twenty minutes it took to load…well, I got a lot done in twenty minutes! I ate a turkey sandwich with a side of tortilla chips and miniature carrots. I read a chapter or two of a book. I filed my nails. Now, I’m pecking at the keyboard 24/7. Faster is not necessarily better. Unless you’re having a root canal at the dentist. Or on hold with your internet provider.

Tip number 7: Frisbee Golf will save your relationship

If you have an athletic friend, or mate, or spouse, and the idea of sports is slightly repellant to you, here’s a nifty solution to keep your relationship intact. Play Frisbee Golf. You be the caddy. As caddy, the only thing you lug around is your beverage of choice. Between sips, point to hidden gems in the neighborhood or park or university campus where your sports-fiend friend can aim the frisbee. But don’t make it easy. Say something like, “Okay, you have to throw it between those two oak trees, around that row of bushes, and land in the lap of the statue. Par three.” Then sip your drink and follow your frisbee-fanatic in a leisurely fashion, while shouting out the score.

Tip number 8: Use your emotions as a barometer

Are you on your right path, or wasting time? A good way to figure out is to check in with your feelings. Are you joyful? Bingo. You’re tuned into the Universal Vibe. Depressed? A good sign you’re not at the frequency that your spirit intends. To work your way up the emotional scale, and hence onto your right path, try the tips from the book Ask and It Is Given, as channeled by Esther Hicks. Don’t let the channeling part freak you out. The ideas are valid. Here’s my review of the book on GoodReads.

Tip number 9: If your blender burps your beverage, don’t drink it!

I learned this the hard way. After whipping up my usual smoothie of coconut yogurt, soy milk, banana, almond butter, frozen chard, frozen spinach…are you still with me?…and protein powder, the thing coagulated and sunk with a belch. “WOW, that’s not a good sign,” I said to myself, and then drank it. The detox effect kept me marooned at home for half a day.

Tip number 10: To keep celery fresh, wrap it in tin foil

You can thank Martha Stewart for this one. I don’t know how she figured it out, but celery will keep fresh in tin foil for YEARS. The woman is a genius.


  1. Heather says:

    Ha! Thanks for helping me look on the bright side re: the horrendous amount of snow and cold where I live. If you’re willing to give up lounging on your picnic blanket to come northeast, I’ll share some icy fresh water with you!

    Enjoy your new Mac Air. I freaking love mine.

    • Diane says:

      If only The Mac Air wasn’t so addicting!

      Thx for stopping by. Save that icy fresh water in your freezer; I might take you up on it come July.

  2. Joan says:

    Happy you found a new computer that you love…I think! Sounds amazing!! Great advice, as well and yes, I did miss you.

  3. M.W. Thomas says:

    People still play Frisbee golf? Man! Where have I been?

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